© Pietro Baroni

"The past is the substance time is made of; hence time immediately becomes the past."
(Jorge Luis Borges)

For “Just an Hour Ago" I chose to work on time and mystery, envisioning some settings as the stage where certain stories took place about an hour earlier.
The image on view is the final outcome of an action, an event, or something that happened in the past.
I therefore leave it up to the spectator to interpret the concatenation of events that led to the outcome we have before our eyes.
I like to think that those who view these photos are an active part of the work, as they seek their own intimate, personal answers that are also linked to their own experience, their own existence, and their own memories.
The idea is that these photos should be like dreams, like images that crystallize an instant yet at the same time have the capacity to narrate a series of actions that took place before it, and triggered off certain consequences. 
The fact that the photograph does not deliver a moving picture of an action scene but the image of something static, “definitive”, and “inevitable”, triggers off a process whereby settings that are familiar to us can become spaces of the imagination, like boxes within which to place events, people, and emotions, freed from the merely static dimensional qualities of the architectural structures.
What happened that led to this scene? Why did it happen? What might happen afterwards? Is it possible to go back to the initial situation? Are we able to backtrack without leaving a mark of our passage?
These are all questions we constantly ask ourselves when addressing the subject of “time” and the “past”.

I have tried to ask myself these questions through these five images.


The unforeseen.


No way.